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Our Story

A story of following a passion for home building and renovation.

Julian Angelone has been involved in home construction since before he was old enough to drive. Even when he attended university to earn his Bachelor of Commerce degree, he paid for it with his earnings from construction work.

Home Construction Always Beckoned

While he tried other professions after graduation, he never lost his passion for construction. So when a friend’s family construction business needed help, it didn’t take much for Julian to offer it.


Needing a Place to Call Home

Sometimes different parts of your life come together in unexpected ways. As a project manager for a leading custom home builder, Julian quickly learned every facet of custom home design and construction. He also needed a place to live with his wife and business partner, Sylvia Angelone, and their young family.


Making Moves

Putting it all together, Julian and Sylvia bought a fixer upper that they knew they could renovate. Shortly after that first reno, the family grew and more space was needed. Another fixer upper, another renovation.

Well-Earned Praise

The combination of Sylvia’s design ideas, and Julian’s ability to make them happen, quickly earned the couple a reputation. One that meant people started seeking out the homes they designed and renovated.


Angelone Homes Takes Flight

With their solid reputation in place, Julian and Sylvia decided to pursue clients of their own. Today they are among the most highly recognized and respected custom home builders in York Region.

Over the years, their experiences taught Julian and Sylvia many valuable lessons.

Always Maintain The Highest Quality

People appreciate quality, from the moment the first design begins, to the final walkthrough of a finished project. The kind of quality you would hope for in a home.

Always Practice Safety & Organization

They go hand in hand. Every one of our construction sites is kept clean and organized. That makes it easier to keep them safe for everyone. Best of all? It also makes it easier and less costly to do our best work.

Always Build & Nurture Partnerships

When you build long-lasting relationships with your customers, the people you work with and those who supply your materials, you enjoy many rewards, including better-managed projects, better results and a better experience for everyone.