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Our Services

The quickest way to find out about what services we offer is to know that we do everything it takes to build your custom home, heritage restorations, reno or addition, to your satisfaction or better.

New Builds for Custom Homes

We can start with a tear-down of an old home, or with your existing architectural designs. Wherever we begin, we’ll take care of every aspect of the project.

Heritage Restoration & Reproductions

If your home is designated as a heritage property, we understand the extra care and attention to detail, and paperwork, that’s needed for a faithful restoration.

Renovations & Additions

Sometimes you realize you already live in your dream home, it just isn’t quite finished yet. Angelone’s whole-home renovations and additions will make it everything it can be.

Construction Consultation

We’ve been managing home construction projects from the beginning. We can recommend architects, suggest building plans and put all the pieces in place for you.

Interior Design

The combination of interior design services and whole-home construction, renovation and addition services, all in one place, creates more holistic, synergistic results.

Architectural Design & Planning

It’s the first step in realizing what have only been thoughts and words. The architect selected for your project creates 3D CAD true-to-life images for your approval.

Property Acquisition

Find the perfect setting for your custom home with professional real estate guidance and advice. Our partnership with Trentadue Torres Real Estate Group will make it happen.

Building Permits

Did we mention the power of partnerships? Getting approvals and permits is a little easier when you have a reputation for dotting every “i” and crossing every “t”.

Minor Variances

When you know how the process works, what is needed, who to talk to and what they expect, you can make magic happen.

Heritage Permits

We are proud that the City of Markham thinks so highly of our work, they refer owners of heritage homes to us.

Request a Consultation

We’re always happy to listen and let you know how we can make your project happen.


They were absolutely fantastic to work with, were friendly, clean, provided us with some great ideas on decor and even when there were some hitches, they worked through them with us easily.


Toronto, ON

By the way the trades that they use are excellent, and they like to stay with the same trades so that they know what workmanship to expect. It was a very positive experience.

Susan N

Markham, ON

Angelone delivered exactly what they said they would and on time. This renovation was a great experience and we are thrilled with the outcome. Thank you Angelone Homes.

Cindy W.

Markham, ON